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Perez Techies was founded by Miguel Perez and his wife Eliza Perez. As the demand for IT support has grown, so has the business. This is a family owned business with core values and expertise in the IT field since March 2007. Our goal is to prevent downtime for hard working families and businesses. Time is money, when systems are down, money is being lost while repairs are made. Although we perform remote support and Onsite support when issues arrive, our goal is to prevent these problems from arising in the first place with our IT Management tools.

Based in Texas, we provide remote support to all of the United States and provide Onsite support to the city of San Antonio and surrounding cities. Not only do we do repairs, we also educate our customers on how to keep issues from arising and how to get the best out of what you are working with. 

Call us anytime you are in need of our services, and we guarantee you the results you are looking for.

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